Small and medium business management

TPE - PMEThe experience accumulated by Alterra Performances alongside large franchise groups (notably in the fields of management, strategic management, and in more general management) is now available to small and medium businesses.

We participate in ad-hoc periods of management support, to help you in strategic decision making, or an audit, and in the implementation of an action plan for the management of the business.

Implementation of management tools

There are numerous management methods for businesses, but it is sometimes complex for the manager of a small or medium business, which is very centred on its core business, to take the necessary step back in order to make the right choice and use of performance indicators.
Alterra Performances participates with and helps the manager to locate the objective performance indicators, adapted to his or her activity.

Analysis of results

After implementing performance measuring tools, Alterra Performances analyses and makes recommendations regarding the optimisation of the organisation. In partnership with the management team, we can also supervise and plan the implementation of said optimisation.

Small and medium business managers, whatever your problem may be, Alterra Performances will support you in the management of your business. Contact us to tell us your requests.

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President founder
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