Development of franchise networks, trademarks and cooperatives.

FranchiseWe support franchises, trademarks and cooperatives in matters such as the creation of emerging or existing networks in their development projects. We have numerous tools and systems available to accelerate franchise development or branch establishment.

It is with a new perspective, free of value-based judgement, that we are able to work with leadership teams in order to implement brand development methods.

Audit of current situation

We get involved in business operation so we can support you to make the right choices.

Support in the development of your brand

Alterra Performances helps you to apply your concept in a pertinent and seamless way.

Approach and positioning

Alterra Performances helps you to enhance your services in order to position yourself effectively.

Franchisee recruitment

Alterra Performances helps you to find and choose the right profiles for the opening of new franchises.

Implementation of a development blueprint

We define a strategic plan with the management team for the development of their franchise network.

Defining locations

With geomarketing technology, Alterra Performances helps you to determine the highest-performing locations for the placement of new franchises.

Architectural concept

Alterra Performances participates with you in the design, implementation and showcase of your concept.

Strategic and tactical plan

By incorporating the strengths and weaknesses of your franchise, Alterra Performances devises a strategic short-term, mid-term and long-term development plan.

Marketing and Communication

We participate in the marketing department in order to make your brand attractive and appealing. We create a strong and immediately recognisable network identity.

Marketing and Trade Action Plan

How can you sell more, sell better and attract more clients in your franchises? Relying on their expertise in franchise network marketing, Alterra Performances helps network leaders find new tools.

IT and new technology

Support with the implementation of IT tools in order to optimise and streamline tasks. Implementation of all e-commerce systems.

Evaluation of customer and franchisee satisfaction.

By implementing the 'Mystery shopper' technique, we can carry out a precise analysis of customer satisfaction across different franchise stores.

Economic and financial support

By carrying out an economic and financial analysis, we can gauge the risks of your project and establish a business model which verifies the feasibility of your project. Alterra Performances also helps you to seek funding.

Support with the organisation and management of your brand

Creation of training support in order to transmit knowledge and skills to new workers.
We support you in the economic and financial organisation of your business in order to provide successful organisational and management tools.
Alterra Performances helps you to implement an effective management network in order to organise, boost and maintain cohesion of your franchise network.

Management structure for network leaders

It is important to have the right people in the right place so that the network leader can carry out his or her duties and provide the franchises with the development solutions that they need.

Judicial and contractual support

Alterra Performances helps you to protect your brand and to ensure that your franchise network and trademark are in accordance with laws and regulations.

Support with Trade and Marketing

Whether it involves the study of location, brand identity, visual identity or point-of-sale layout design, Alterra Performances supports you throughout all the stages of your marketing and communication plan.


Alterra Performances helps you to implement a training plan for future franchisees as well as for new colleagues.

Internationalising your franchise

Do you feel ready to develop your concept abroad? Alterra Performances helps you to adapt your model to the demands of the new country where you would like to set up.

Whatever your needs and ambitions, Alterra Performances is by your side to help you implement the tools of your success. Contact us to discuss your projects with us.

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