ALTERRA PERFORMANCES, offers advice in franchise networking strategies, trademark licencing, cooperatives, branches, and small and medium businesses.

It is not important to see the future, but to make it possible.
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry ...

Alterra Performances displays a real passion for networking services with branch profit centres, franchises, cooperatives and trademarks.

Founder Christophe Puffet has worked with various franchise groups and has been involved in some key periods of transformation (rebranding, mergers, acquisition, strengthening capital, judicial settlements and optimising organisation).

Surrounded by an expert team of partners, multidisciplinary in their areas of expertise, we support businesses and help them to develop, become stronger and protect themselves. The involvement of the men and women who form part of these businesses is a priority for us, and a necessity in order to obtain conclusive results.

Development of franchise and branch networks, trademarks, and cooperatives.

Alterra Performances provides expertise to franchise, trademark and cooperative networks in order to support them in their development, implementing tools such as recruiting franchisees, or helping to establish marketing plans.

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Small and medium business management

Small and medium businesses face the same challenges as bigger companies. Alterra Performances offers its expertise to small and medium businesses in order to support directors in their management, by providing the solutions and tools that are sometimes lacking.

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Christophe PUFFET
President founder
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Phone : 07 66 59 15 42


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