The Values of Alterra Peformances

Nos valeursWe support franchise networks, as well as small and medium businesses, in their development. We are in daily contact with the managers, men and women who form these businesses. They give us their trust and we make a point of proving ourselves worthy of that trust.

The values that we work by are pragmatism, goodwill, enthusiasm, listening to others and solidarity.


We are constantly looking for reliable and quick solutions to the problems that our clients face.


We take on each new project with no preconceived judgements. The backgrounds and personalities that make up each enterprise are forces that we have to respect in order to find adequate solutions to their problems.


We work in a profession that is full of encounters and meetings. We thrive on them in order to better grasp each situation in a positive way, with enthusiasm, and to pass this enthusiasm onto those we are working with.

Listening to others

We are there to listen to everything and everyone that forms part of your business: its male and female employees, but also its culture and its challenges. It is through listening that we can propose our best solutions.


All business members must work together with a common goal. It is this solidarity and cohesion that we will help you to implement.

Christophe PUFFET
President founder
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Phone : 07 66 59 15 42


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