Support with franchises in crisis

There are many reasons why a franchise network, trademark or cooperative may find themselves in a difficult situation. It is not always easy to find the reasons for this internally.

By calling on professionals from Alterra Performances, you benefit from the external perspective of those who are specialists in franchise network and branch management. The professionals provide you with a new understanding, without judgements or preconceptions.

We implement numerous tools which allow us to thoroughly examine the situation and to propose efficient and long-term solutions to the crisis which your business is facing.


We analyse the real state of your franchise or brand network in order to determine the strengths, weaknesses, and especially the areas for improvement, allowing the situation to be resolved and to recover from the crisis.


In the case of temporary difficulties with suppliers or creditors, we can support networks with the implementation of a moratorium, allowing you to replenish your cash flow and to plan the future more calmly.

Franchisor/franchisee mediation

Certain situations sometimes seem hopeless because of a lack of communication or the impossibility of communication between various stakeholders. Alterra Performances can fill the role of mediator and allow you to re-establish a constructive dialogue in order to recover from a conflictual situation.

Franchise criseTurnaround of franchise networks, trademarks and cooperatives in trouble

We ensure project management of re-engineering in order to optimise network operation costs, whilst improving efficiency. We give the franchise new organisational baselines in order to sustain the business and recover from crisis. Alterra Performances also supports franchises which are going through an observation period or judicial settlement.

Contact Alterra Performances to discuss your requirements. We provide a made-to-measure response, adapted to your specific problem.

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